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 League Rules (updated 4/7/10)

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League Rules  (updated 4/7/10) Empty
PostSubject: League Rules (updated 4/7/10)   League Rules  (updated 4/7/10) I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 07, 2010 6:29 pm

- No defensive players to be allowed on offense.
- Be an active owner. We want this league to run as smoothly as possible. Try to exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. No one enjoys being in a league with a bunch of complainers. Be gracious in victory and in defeat.
- Keep your line on the line. Don’t move defensive lineman, unless through line shifts. You may move LBs, but be sure to stay with that LB….don’t move multiple LBs to a certain spot and then change to a different player.
-Keep check in the chat so you can try to find your opponent, but do not rely on the chat to find your opponents. Be sure to msg them on PSN as soon as possible.
-Advancement will occur every three days. If you have a problem getting a game in, please contact us by the day before advancement so we can look into it and try to msg your opponent.

4th Down Rules
- Basically, use common sense when going for it on 4th down. 4th and 2 should be the minimum to go for it unless you are losing in the 4th. If you are winning, don’t go for it on 4th down unless you feel you have to. We shouldn’t have owner going for it on 4th and 7 while winning the game. As madden says, just punt the ball!

Onside Kicks
-Onside kicks are meant to be used in desperation attempts or to swing momentum at certain points of a game. Lets keep it that way!

Simulation Style-Keep all the cheese out of this league. This includes abusing nano-blitzes, continually running money plays, rolling out of the pocket every play, rocket catches, glitches, sprinting backwards with the QB at the snap of the ball, etc. etc. etc.

-Disconnections are HORRIBLE. We all hate them (unless of course we have a bad start and get a fresh start). DO NOT keep playing the CPU without checking with your opponent. If you are winning by a large margarine, and it is late in the fourth…continue playing. Otherwise, quit the game and start over.

Please post all trades in the trades completed area. We don’t plan on being strict with trades, but we do want to make sure that trades are fair and of equal value. If a majority of the owners have a problem with the trade, it may be revoked. If you have a trade that has been revoked, don’t get upset with the league….it happens. I recently had a trade revoked…I didn’t get mad. Just rework the trade and move on.

Rules are subject to change if certain techniques are being exploited or on an as needed basis.

Please, feel free to ask about any other proposed rules regarding 4th down or onside kicks as there are so many different scenarios, its hard to cover them all. Use good judgement (Not Belichecks judgement) At anytime, feel free to ask us (showstopper_bow or RVD840) about any rules that you think we have missed. Also, offer suggestions...
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League Rules (updated 4/7/10)
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